Belmont County Engineer

Terry D. Lively, P.S., P.E., Belmont County Engineer


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Road Advisories and News

Listings of road closures, culvert replacements, bridge repairs, and other project being performed.

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Covid-19 Update

The current information on how Covid-19 is affecting operations at the Belmont County Engineer's Office.


The County Engineer's Office

The county engineer shall have general charge of the construction, reconstruction, resurfacing, improvement, maintenance, and repair of all bridges and highways within the engineer's county. Refer to ORC 5543.


Bids, Newsletter, Road Advisories, & Other News

Bids Advertised

Projects that are currently being advertised and are open for bidding.          

Bids Awarded

This section contains bids that have been opened, reviewed, and awarded.          

Quarterly Newsletter

Current and historical newsletters required by Ohio Revised Code to be submitted by county engineers.


Belmont County road and bridge advisories and other news pertaining to the Engineer's Office.