Conditional Deed Transfer Agreement PDF Format

Conditional Deed Transfer Agreement Word Format


Application for Driveway Culvert Permit PDF Format          

Application for Driveway Culvert Permit Word Format     


Application for Special Hauling Permit PDF Format           Updated August 2019        Please allow 24 hours for permit processing

Application for Special Hauling Permit Word Format        Updated August 2019


Application for Utility Installation Permit PDF Format         

Application for Utility Installation Permit WORD Format    Updated June 5, 2015


PLEASE CONTACT: Belmont County Sanitary Sewer District for water / sewer locations
Kelly Porter – Director 740-695-3144


Oil and Gas Public Safety Checklist


Road Use Maintenance Agreement WORD Format



The forms listed on this page, the applications for culverts, special hauling, utility installation and the road use maintenance agreement are meant to be used for county roadway issues. These forms can be modified and used for other government entities, like Townships, Cities and Villages BUT all references to the Belmont County Engineer, the Belmont County Engineer’s Department and the Belmont County Commissioners are to be removed prior to using and submitting these forms to another entity.


Complete forms and mail to:

Belmont County Engineer’s Department
101 West Main Street
St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950

Fax to 740-695-8894
Phone 740-699-2160

Or email to Office Manager – office.manager [at] belmontcountyengineer [dot] com